Swamp Rabbits Stick It To Cancer
January 18, 2019 at 7:00pm
Join the Swamp Rabbits as they look to "Stick it to Cancer" and support the Cancer Survivors Park Alliance. For each ticket purchased, $5 will go back to the Alliance. For additional information, please contact Brett Sullivan at (864) 250-4765 and bsullivan@swamprabbits.com.
This promotion is now closed. Stay tuned for more!
Total Raised: $250.00
Blue Seating:
Deborah White
Erika Spracher
Jo-Ann Schaidle
Julie Hoffman
Lauren Briles
Laurie Smith
Leslie Blakely
Lorie Barbrey
Nancy Giguere
Pearson Johnson
Thomas Bates
Tracey Crews-Hammond